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A few years ago I wrote a post of my top five favorite podcasts. Since then, hundreds of new programs have developed. It seems that everyone has a podcast going on right now and it's the current trend to really reach a big audience with your message. 

I still LOVE listening to them, especially when I am driving all three kids to activities all over town. It's a great way to continue learning, meet new leaders in the industry and find out tips, tricks and strategies to run your business. Plus, it helps reduce the "loneliness" factor of being a solo entrepreneur because you feel like you are actually part of the conversation.

Here are five of my favorite podcasts that I listen to daily :

1) The Creative Empire  : Led by life and business coach, Reina Pomeroy and attorney for creatives, Christina Scalera, their podcast is targeted to solopreneurs and small business owners. I love the casual feel and the lively personalities of the hosts. They invite the industry's leading creatives and ask them probing questions on various business topics. You feel like you are sitting with the experts at a roundtable, getting an insider view of their businesses. 

2) Online Marketing Made Easy : Huge fan of Amy Porterfield! She is the queen bee of webinars and Facebook marketing. She helps you monetize your online marketing efforts. If you are ready to launch or promote a new program, grow your email list or get more leads, this is the podcast to listen to. 

3) Know, Like and Trust Show : This woman speaks my brand language! Britney Gardner is a brand strategist and marketing photographer. She explores the world of personal branding and how to position yourself as the go-to expert in your market. If you need help building your know, like and trust factor, check out her podcast for branding strategies. 

4) Boss Mom Podcast : This podcast is for the mamas who are building a business while raising a family. Hosts, Dana Malstaff and NJ Rogner, share insightful and practical advice on how to balance being a boss and a parent. Helpful, relatable and inspiring!

5) All Up In Your Lady Business : Hosted by Jessica Stansberry + Jaclyn Mellone, the All Up in Your Lady Business podcast is published two times per week with interviews from ladypreneurs in all different walks of business life, as well as episodes fully dedicated to growing your lady business! These ladies are real and funny as hell - you will have a good laugh and learn new tips as well.

I had the honor of being interviewed on this very podcast. A long time listener, I was over the moon to have this opportunity. We talked all things brand photography from why you need it, how to hire a photographer, what kinds of stories you should be sharing and more. It was super fun to chat with these energetic ladies and share my expertise. Want to listen? Click HERE

I would love to hear what you think! Did you learn something? Do you have any more questions about brand photography? Shoot them my way. I want to help more women in business, not only the ones that are local to me, but everywhere to understand the power of brand photography and feel confident before their shoot, during their shoot and afterwards when sharing their message through marketing. 

Do you have a podcast that you think this message would be valuable? Let's chat (mallika@mikifoto.com)! I would love to share my expertise with more people.