Photos + Video = Brand Boost | NJ Brand Photographer

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." What better way to tell your brand story and bring your business to life then through photography? Well, my client Sarah Walton, has blown my mind, again. Sarah is a speaker, author, mentor plus a dear friend and client of mine. She just launched her new course, The Money Mindset and every year she leads the Redefining Success live event for women in business. She has pushed the envelope and created an innovative way to combine brand photos with live footage! She just created this video as a speaker's reel to share with businesses, corporations and large conferences. This video speaks volumes about her as a professional and as a person. Have a watch:

The combination of live testimonials with Sarah speaking on stage with the professional brand photography is an incredible example of visual storytelling and powerful marketing communication. You get a clear sense of her message but also a deeper look into her personality, her process and the feeling she hopes to deliver to her client. This would be perfect for the home page on her website, her Facebook business page, her Linkedin profile and for newsletter pitches. Congrats Sarah on a job well done! 

Have you thought of brand photos or video or both for your business? What storytelling tool do you use to share your message? This example definitely has my wheels turning on visual storytelling options for my clients.