Photos Do Matter | NJ Business Photographer

Let's face it. If you don't have strong photos of yourself on your website or in your profile, you could be losing business. People want to see who they are working with. They want to get a sense of your personality and your professionalism.

Think twice about the image you are putting out there. Do you want a selfie representing your brand? Is it honest to be showing an image 15 years old? Does your website have DIY snapshots instead of professional photos? First impressions do matter.

Potential clients are checking you out and clicking on every image before they ever contact you or sign up for your freebie. Your photos should tell your story without saying a word. They should engage and capture the viewer's attention. They should position you as an expert.

Photos put a face to your business and brand. They add a personal dimension and answer the question, "Does he/she look like someone I can work with?" When there are a 100 other people doing what you do, don't you want to stand out? 

If you are serious about your business, then get serious about your images. Review your website, your profile pics on Facebook and LinkedIn, your blog posts, your About Me pages - all of it. Position yourself as a professional and an expert. Share your personality. It all matters and could be the tipping point for clients to hire you over someone else.

Need help? Contact me for a 15 minute free business brainstorm and together we can access your image. 

The photos featured here in this post were all taken at my recent Style & Focus event for women in business. These dynamic ladies were ready to put their face to their business. If you are interested in a similar experience, click here to learn about my next portrait event.