Out Of Your Comfort Zone | NJ Personal Brand Strategist

If you were your bravest self, what would you be doing?

This is a question that has recently come up with a few of my entrepreneur girlfriends and with my strategist. It's a powerful topic that quite honestly, makes me squirm. It makes me really think about how I am showing up in the world. Am I playing it safe? Could I be pushing myself more to reach my greatest potential? What am I scared of? Why am I not doing what I dream of doing?

After some quiet time and thinking, I realize fear has most to do with it. I am scared to play bigger and rock the boat of what I already know and am good at. Plus there is some imposter syndrome, the thought that I might be trying to be someone I am not. Who would want to come to ME for this? Maybe also some confidence hang ups - can I really do this? Do I have the skills and know-how? Then there is the unknown of what it would feel like to get to there. What would life be like fulfilling my dreams?

If I tap into my dreams, I see myself on a stage speaking and inspiring women - teaching them, leading them, connecting them to others. I see myself traveling the world with my camera, capturing stories of people and places that make a meaningful impact for women, businesses, brands, maybe even the world. I see myself creating a tight knit community of strong, smart, creative, passionate lady bosses and empowering them to feel confident to make their stamp. I see myself collaborating with other creatives and forming a boutique agency.  I see a photo book authored by me that provides a deep connection to others, while making you smile and laugh and feel curious and creative.

The dreams are all over the place and sort of a blur but the feelings are strong. I get that mix of excitement and fear. Passion and purpose. It feels like going on a trip to a new place and you have no idea what will happen when you get there but the surprise and adventure fills your soul. 

So what do you do to get closer to your dreams? You do an epic brain dump of all the steps that you need to take and pick a few at a time to implement. You take ACTION! Your steps can be as big as hiring a coach or as small as borrowing a book on a related topic in the library. But it requires actually doing something productive. 

For me, an opportunity fell into my lap. My friend Beatrice, a brand expert at Brand Excitement, told me about a FREE public speaking training coming in August called Own The Room Gives Back . It may come as a surprise to some, but I have some anxiety when it comes to public speaking. I dream about being a strong speaker, the kind that can connect deeply with their audience. So when she told me about this event, I signed up! And yes, I am terrified on what I will have to do during the training but I am taking action. It feels good to take control and to take one step closer to my dreams. 

And I believe once you take one step, the next one is not as hard. You build momentum. You learn more about yourself. You grow. Let's see what unfolds...I will be sure to share the journey here!