our little MJ

For those who know me well, know that I LOVE to dance.  Music is often blasting at our house, while  I am  breaking it down with my three boys like we're at da club. Lol.  We are always sharing our favorite tunes with our boys.  A few months back, my husband showed my youngest son, Akshay, a Michael Jackson video on the computer.  Ever since then, Akshay has been hooked.  Or a better word would be obsessed!  He has downloaded the entire Michael Jackson greatest hits album on iTunes and has since learned every word to every song.  Not to mention, he's watched old videos and any MJ performances he can find on the Internet.  Akshay has studied the dance moves religiously and is now moonwalking all over our house.  Santa even brought the famous red Beat It jacket and the white glove.  There are daily MJ shows at the Malhotra household. It is amazing to watch my 4 year old belt out the words to "I Want  You Back" and "PYT". He even asks me, "Who is Dirty Diana Mama?"  Akshay loves it all - Jackson 5, Off the Wall classics and even the newer MJ stuff. And I love to watch my sometime shy little guy just transform once he hear's that MJ beat.  Akshay is now quite the performer and has a little following on Facebook.  Some even tell us he should be on Ellen (can anyone help me with that?).

Let's see how long this MJ fascination will last. Until it's over, I will enjoy every minute of jamming with my little king of pop.

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