ordinary moments

1932484_10152261575516079_213175069_nSometimes the everyday ordinary moments can be the most captivating.

This photo was taken on a snowy day here in New Jersey.  My son was tired of being trapped inside and asked to plan on his iPad.  He took a spot on the coach and didn't even notice that I had my iPhone camera.  Now there is nothing extraordinary happening in this image…he is not even looking at me.  But there is something about the light and snowy backdrop.  The lines of the couch and the windows.  His little socked feet.   The black and white conversion with a bit of graininess.  All of this put together makes this photo memorable in my eyes.  It's like we froze time just for a second and he will always be this little boy on the sofa, trying to endure another wintery storm.

Don't be afraid to photograph the quiet, everyday moments.  It might seem boring at first glance but there is always a story to be told and remembered.