on my nightstand | nj photographer

These are the books I currently have on my nightstand. I just finished Orange Is the New Black and really liked it. What a great insider story about life in jail.  It will change the way you think about women prisoners.  A must read before you watch the series on NetFlix.

I am a few chapters into The Promise of A Pencil and am enjoying that too.  Author, Adam Braum shares his personal story on how he found his calling and purpose in life. So far I love all the round-the-world adventures.

The Secret Keeper is our next book club book. I will be cracking that open on Spring Break in a couple of weeks. I have heard great things.

The two business books that I am trying to get to are The Pumpkin Plan and The Referral Engine.  I am a big fan of Mike Michalowicz and have heard him speak a few times. He knows his stuff and really teaches business in a personal and humorous way. He actually recommended The Referral Engine so that is why I have that also on my bookshelf.  My plan is to start those in May.

Too many books and so little time! How do you get your reading done? Where and when do you fit it in? And is there anything that I should add to my list of books?