On Location for Your Brand Photo Shoot| NJ Brand Photographer


You know what they say: Location! Location! Location!

When you’re planning a brand photo shoot, this trustworthy saying still rings true. For a successful brand shoot, location is a key element to consider during the planning stages.

Instead of just showing up in front of a random, cool brick wall, be strategic and intentional.

The environment you choose as the backdrop for your pictures will help capture your full brand story.


So what type of backdrops and locations do we choose when there are hundreds of options?

Should we shoot indoors or outdoors, or both?

To answer these questions, I always advise my clients to stop and think about their brand story first. Consider where your work takes place, how you work, and the overall vibe of your business.

Think about the message you’re trying to communicate. Brainstorm places that connect people to that message. What places can help tell your story?


Next, consider your ideal client. What locations do they frequent?

Don’t downplay locations that inspire you, even if you don’t actually work in those spaces. What places influence and encourage you? These spots can also help tell your visual story.

Are you a coach? Maybe you meet with clients in person at a coworking space?

An interior designer? Maybe your weekly visits to the museum for inspiration are the perfect environment for your photos.

Are you a personal stylist? Maybe you shop mostly in high-end boutiques? Locations like these can create rich, on-brand images that reflect the real you.

Think about your process and spaces that you work in, then make sure to include them in your brand story.

Need some ideas to kick off your location-brainstorming list?

Here are a few of my favorite spots :


Another great idea is to scope out an Airbnb spot!

At www.airbnb.com, you can rent a home or apartment with character that fits your personality. If you live in select big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Boston, Breather is another option to check out. Breather rents beautiful, professional work spaces that can make for an amazing photoshoot backdrop.

And no worries if you live in a smaller or rural town! You may need to be creative or look a little harder for options, but they are definitely out there to be discovered.


Remember, the first step to nailing down your photoshoot location is to dive deep into your brand story to form your brand’s message. Once you’ve worked through that process, it’s time to brainstorm locations that support that message.

Only when you have a clear picture of who you are and what your brand stands for can you choose a location that makes sense and fits your vibe. These strategically chosen locations will make your photos feel customized and help you stand out. You’ll look like YOU, and less like everyone else.


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