on cloud nine * gainesville, florida baby photographer

my baby akshay is 9 months old and he is everywhere! crawling, cruising, standing....if i take my eyes off of him for a second, he is gone in a flash. needless to say, our life has been turned upside down. but thru the chaos, it is amazing to watch his little face light up with wonder as he discovers his world. his new tricks....waving bye-bye, reaching both of his hands up when we ask, "how big is akshay?" and now saying papa (only mama when he cries). he is also sporting a few bruises on his forehead from some falls on his newfound legs. he's eating up his baby food like a champ. he loves paper and boxes more then any of his toys. and he's just a happy lovable little boy. here's our mr. shay shay....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra

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