New Year, New Goals


Ah...January. A fresh start. A clean slate.

I love the the promise and possibility the new year brings to our personal lives and to our businesses.

Have you been setting goals or resolutions for 2018? Have you created a vision board or selected your word of the year?

If so, you’ve already completed the first, important step in achieving your goals—writing them down. It may seem simple, but declaring your intentions and putting them out there can be one of the most powerful steps you take in reaching your 2018 goals.

I work with ambitious movers and shakers who have set some big, juicy goals for the coming year. Some of their aspirations include:

Launching courses
Publishing a book
Speaking on a large stage at a conference
Increasing their prices
Promoting their business on a podcast
Selling out a conference in days

Crazy, massive goals like these can be scary. Sure, they are fun to dream about, but when it comes time to dig in and do the work, it can feel like staring up at Mt. Everest. We quickly become overwhelmed and eventually give up. Our goals are never met because we did not have a solid plan in place.

So where to start? Here are my three tips to get you working toward those big dreams:

1) Make Time. When you set goals, the time to work on them unfortunately doesn’t magically appear on your calendar. To achieve all you hope to in 2018, you may have to get creative with your scheduling. It’s important to block off chunks of time to spend strategically planning how your goals can be met. It’s equally important, after the planning stage, to consistently set aside time for the actual implementation of your goals. Create these new “appointments” in your schedule and treat them like any other appointment that must be kept. 


2) Get Help. Here’s the honest truth: you can’t do everything your business needs to succeed on your own. Delegating certain responsibilities to someone who is an expert can be the catalyst that launches your business forward this year. Sure, delegation can be intimidating for a small business owner. Allowing others to play a part in your business can initially be nerve-wracking, but let me tell you, it’s worth it. I just hired a systems specialist to help me streamline and automate my on-boarding process. It's taken me years to get to this point, and my only regret is that didn’t do it sooner!

As the new year begins, take a hard look at what you need to get done and see if you can hire someone to assist you in that area. If finances are limiting your ability to outsource, get creative. Barter services, ask for a payment plan, or tighten up your budget in other areas—find some sort of solution to get the help you need.


3) Be Brand Ready. There’s nothing worse than getting an invitation to speak at a conference and having to scramble to prepare a bio or send a photo. If your dreams for 2018 include more visibility for your brand, getting those tools updated and ready to go at a moment’s notice is essential. Your brand photos, your speaker sheet, your bio, your website—everything should be up-to-date, consistent and cohesive. You never know what opportunities will come your way when you are prepared! 

Recently, one of my clients was invited to be featured in women's entrepreneurial magazine along with 4 other lady bosses. My client sent a folder full of brand images with her information to the publication. Guess who's face showed up not just in the small bio blurb but throughout the article? Yup, my client! She made it easy for the magazine to feature HER because she provided the beautiful photos herself!


I am right there with you in the goal trenches this year—I have big dreams for myself and my brand, too! With courage, hard work, support from others, and organization—this year can be our best year yet. Together, let's make those vision boards a reality in 2018!

If I can help you create a stand-out brand, one that will help you secure those big-press features, book deals, or sold-out events, let's chat!