new year, new outlook

it's hard to believe that 2009 is already underway.  time seems to be moving at lightening speed.  i have a list of resolutions that i hope to work on, all with the overall theme of creating a "better me".  yes, i know it sounds a bit cheesy.   but i hope this year enables me to be a little selfish and to think about myself first.  dare i even say that?!  how many times have we put ourselves last and made everyone else a priority...the kids, the hubby, the house, the job?   well today i cleared my schedule and planned the morning to be about nothing else but me and my camera. it was grey and cold outside but i challenged myself to find some beauty in the everyday.  i walked around haile village in search of color, pattern, texture and mood.  it wasn't easy shooting inanimate objects vs. my usual spunky kiddos.  at first, i couldn't find anything but then i started to see things that i never took the time out to see before.  it was liberating and inspiring.      

so here are a few shots from my outdoor excursion....the first of many more of these solo sessions.

thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra