new tween photo sessions

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering tween photo sessions.  If you have a child aged 8-12 (and I have 2 kids in this age group), you see first hand that they are changing everyday.  They are becoming more independent and have more opinions.  They want to explore their sense of style and expression.  Their faces and bodies are changing, becoming more mature and no longer babyish. I love this age because it is such a milestone.  It is a pivotal time where kids are on the brink of metamorphosis.  They are stuck between kidville and teendom.  They still want to be with us, their parents, but they also want to test the waters on their own.  It is so important to capture them in this stage.  You will want to remember them as your babies before they change into young adults.  This transition time is temporary and fleeting and happens all too quickly.  Celebrate your tween now and capture it!


Please contact if you are interested in learning more about our tween sessions.