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after your photo session, you'll probably get about 30+ images in your gallery. and i will have already cut down to 30 after shooting and viewing over 200 photos. it's a long and thoughtful process to pick out my winning images. as it is for my clients to watch the tear jerking slideshow of their little darlings and attempt to pick out their absolute favorites. i often get asked how do we pick???!!! my first answer is always, don't pick...just get them ALL! but of course if you can't, here is my advice on how to look at the image.

does it stop you in your tracks? does it bring tears to your eyes? does it make your heart sing? does it make your heart ache? does it remind you of a feeling or moment or memory? does it capture a relationship or spirit of your children?

for me it is not only about cute kids in cute poses with cute smiles. the image should elicit emotion. tell a story. make a connection.

here are a few examples of some of my favorites.....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra

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