#nationalselfieday | NJ Brand Photographer


Apparently it was #nationalselfie day yesterday. In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I would share my top ten tips in taking a good selfie. For many of us, it takes 10-20 tries to capture the perfect pic. Hope these tips save you some time and get you closer to a post-worthy photo :) 


  1. Look for good natural light. This is the most important step! If the light isn't clean (beware of fluorescent lighting!), move yourself outdoors or near a window.
  2. Always face the light source (window). This will get that catch light (white box) in your eyes and brighten them.
  3. Watch out for shadows or bright rays of light.
  4. Choose a complementary, clean background.
  5. Hold phone slightly above sight line and extend arm as far as possible. Never shoot with phone below chin. Easiest way to slim your face!
  6. Tilt chin forty-five degrees to one side. Then tilt it to the other. Find your good angle!
  7. Experiment with face angles and expressions.
  8. Tap screen on eyes to lock focus (AE Lock). This will keep you crisp and not blurry.
  9. Adjust light with exposure tool if necessary. This is the sun icon that shows up on your screen when you tap it. You can move your finger up and down to adjust brightness. 
  10. Have fun and start snapping! And don't obsesss....embrace who you are share your beautiful self :) 

Bonus tip: Don't post too many selfies back to back. Mix in other photos of your daily life to tell a deeper, full story. Nobody likes to see one person's face over and over again. Do you have another tip to add? Comment below :) Happy snapping!