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Last week on the blog, I shared how being a part of a mastermind took my business to the next level and positively impacted me as an entrepreneur. To date, I have participated in five mastermind groups both paid and peer run.

The concept of a mastermind group is one that I believe in wholeheartedly.

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who have similar goals and values can be just the push you need to dig deep, set new goals, and achieve bigger things than ever you thought possible in your business. And the connection and camaraderie within the group helps keep you motivated to do the work and inspired to help others.

As I wrote last week, mastermind groups have impacted my life, both professionally and personally, in a BIG way. Not long ago, a friend and I launched a group for local mompreneurs, and it was a HUGE success. Out of that group, some pretty amazing accomplishments came to fruition….publishing a book, launching online courses, creating a new social media movement...BIG stuff!

There were also major collaborations that took place among the members, including guest blog posts, spotlights, and podcast interviews. These incredible results would have likely not taken place if it weren’t for the support and encouragement of the group. It would have taken a much longer time if I had been all alone building my business.


What results can I expect from being a part of a mastermind group?

Every mastermind is different, but overall, the accountability factor is the #1 selling point. When you commit yourself to a thriving mastermind group, you will see progress.

Have a few areas of your business fallen through the cracks this summer despite your best intentions? There is just something almost magical that happens when you declare your intentions to focus on these areas publicly to your mastermind group. Most times, you’ll find that you'll start prioritizing those areas and crossing those items that need attention off the list.

The advisory board format of a mastermind group provides a unique opportunity to glean ongoing expertise from your peers. Sometimes we are just TOO close to our work and can’t see the best next step or solution. Getting unbiased input on your ideas is priceless. This type of feedback is gold when you are considering developing new products, programs or courses.


Another benefit of a mastermind group? They’ll help you kick fear to the curb for good! Something powerful happens when you surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take risks: you become inspired to take more risks yourself, and your business grows by leaps and bounds because of it.

Masterminds are also an invaluable resource for solutions and brainstorming when you encounter a problem in business. (Plus, they are a safe space to vent about those problems. We all need that from time to time!)

Maybe most importantly of all, masterminds bring a sense of belonging to an otherwise isolated group of entrepreneurs. It sure can be a lonely world behind that laptop for hours on end, and a supportive mastermind group can gift you with relationships that are beneficially both personally and professionally.


It’s your turn….

Are you ready to experience this type of community and support? To discover the catalyst that will move you closer to achieving those BIG business goals? If so, joining a mastermind may be just the game-changing tool you need!

There are many amazing mastermind opportunities out there, but if you're looking to focus on building your brand story and strategy this fall, you won’t have to look far:

This September, I’ll be launching my first online group experience, Brand Confidential, to help women entrepreneurs gain MAJOR visibility online.

For 10 weeks, I’ll be getting hands on as I help members of my program craft their stories, become more visible, and plan the next action steps they need to take to skyrocket their business. I’ll be your personal mentor, and together we'll produce BIG results!

This will be an intimate group (just 8 people), and will include elements such as group calls, weekly lessons, action items, implementation ideas, and more.

Interested? Participation is by application only. If you are serious about growing your business and applying my brand secrets to grow your brand, I’d love to chat with you about taking this journey together! To learn more, CLICK HERE and let’s get acquainted. 3 spots have already been claimed, but there is still room for YOU!