Monday Motivation for Small Business Owners | NJ Brand Strategist

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Monday's are tough! We're still in weekend mode but our list is long with things to do. Let's help each other make the transition a little bit easier. On Mondays, I will share a tip or trick I use to help me ease into the week. Hope it inspires you to take action and jumpstart into your day.

Today I want to talk about creative confidence. I often hear people say they can't do certain things because they think they are not creative enough. They think creativity is a natural gift that you are born with. I beg to differ.

I truly believe that creativity is a muscle that we all have inside. In order to be more creative, we need to nurture that skill. We need to put it to work through thinking, brainstorming, trying new things, embarking on new experiences and good old fashioned practice. The more we "act" creative in our daily life, the more creative we can be. 

So how do you get started? Here are three quick ways to foster your creativity today :

1) Pen to Paper. Grab a journal or sketch book and just start brain dumping or sketching all those big ideas in your head. Don't judge them, just let them freely come out. This activity always helps me organize my thoughts and connect the dots to new insights and breakthroughs.

2) Take a class. Learn something new. My creative juices are always jumpstarted when I am in a workshop or class room. Consider art, cooking, writing or join me for my upcoming Creative Happy Hour on May 4th in Summit, NJ. A DIY photo session where you can create visual content for your online brand - blogs, social media, newsletter, etc. We will be making flatlays and photographing them with our smart phones. It will be creative and fun!

3) Engage with Others. Put yourself out there and meet new people. Attend networking events, join Facebook groups, sign up for conferences. By interacting with people you don't know, you will be forced to introduce yourself and ask questions to learn about them. You may learn new ideas or skills, innovative products and services, a fresh outlook, a disruptive system....something different! This kind of connection can lead to creativity!

I hope these easy ideas help you unlock your creativity. We all have it inside and just need to spend the time to cultivate it.