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Bags by  Adlipps

Bags by Adlipps


Monday's are tough! We're still in weekend mode but our list is long with things to do. Let's help each other make the transition a little bit easier. On Mondays, I will share a tip or trick to help ease you into the week. Hope it inspires you to take action and jumpstart into your day.

Today let's chat about CORE VALUES. 

Do you have a clear sense of your brand values? The philosophies and themes that you believe in and that guide your business. These are the ideas that act as a compass or "north star" for your business. For example, Coke's core values are youth and happiness. Zappos is customer service. For my business, it's the three C words above on that tote bag - confidence, community and connection. 

These values are important because they communicate what you stand for as a business. And when your audience understands them, you can attract those who share in your beliefs. 

So today's Monday Motivation is to start the process of brainstorming or refining your core values. Take some time out this week to sit in quiet with pen and paper or on your computer to write down the answers to these three questions :

What do you stand for?

What do you believe in?

What do you value most?

writing in journal

Brain dump your answers. Look for common themes, words and patterns. Organize the information and look for key points and ideas. Then sit with it....let it simmer in your head. Take a few days to really think and connect the dots between your ideas.

Then refine them and write out the 4-5 big, clear points that get you excited. The last part is to SHARE them. Put them on your website, in a newsletter or on social media. Communicate with your peeps, your audience, your network what you value as a brand. Watch how this exercise will not only give you clarity and confidence but also build connectedness. 

Tell me your 3-5 core values - I want to know!