Mom Boss Event with Bloomingdales + HIP NJ | NJ Brand Photographer


Raising a family while running a business is challenging — it’s definitely NOT always the picture perfect, Pinterest-worthy life! At times, being an entrepreneur + mom can be messy and chaotic. Not only is it HARD WORK, but the lines between family and business are easily blurred.

This is why it’s so important to connect with and learn from other mompreneurs who are in the trenches with you. When you find your tribe of like-minded women, being a #MomBoss is a truly fulfilling and wonderful experience!


I was recently able to connect with an incredible group of women at the #MomBoss: In Her Shoes event in Short Hills, NJ. It was an amazing day for me both personally and professionally!

I met so many fabulous women who are working hard to be both mothers and business owners. It was encouraging to be surrounded by other women who share the same mission and values. We exchanged our honest, raw stories and discussed the struggle we experience when trying to balance it all. Thank you to everyone who came, listened and contributed to the #MomBoss conversation!


As a panel guest at the event, I was thrilled to share a little bit of my story alongside four other incredible New Jersey Mom Bosses: Maria Falzo, Priya Virmani, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, and Danielle Forte. We had a blast chatting about parenting, business, and living the #MomBoss lifestyle.

As I shared my own #MomBoss story, my goal was to inspire and encourage other mompreneurs (or even mompreneurs-in-the-making).

My message to them?

“Dream big, but let your dreams evolve and pivot based on your life.”

As your business grows, your understanding and expertise will grow as well. Being flexible and adaptable are extremely important to your success. Some other key takeaways from the event were :

  1. Delegate whenever possible. Take an honest look at the tasks that are consuming your day. Which of these tasks would be better delegated to someone else? When you get to the end of your work day and there are still several items lingering on your to do list, the time has come to find help. It may be time to consider hiring a freelancer for small projects or partnering with a virtual assistant to help you on a regular basis.
  2. Find your tribe. It can be a lonely world for a mompreneur. Not everyone will understand your unique circumstance, so you must seek out relationships with other moms who are passionate about both business AND family. These are the women who will help you develop as a entrepreneur. Let them encourage you, critique you, and build you up!
  3. Focus on progress over perfection. Building a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint. Because you are on this journey, it’s important to realize that trying to achieve perfection (both in your family life and in your business) will cause you major frustration. Sure, striving for improvement is important, but you can’t expect things to happen overnight. Instead of letting perfectionism get the best of you, focus on small, measurable improvements that you can make over time to grow a strong, stable brand.
  4. Give yourself grace. Since we’ve already decided that you will NOT kill yourself striving for perfection….ehem, see above...please give yourself some grace. Raising a family while building a business is NOT the easiest road to travel, so you’ve got to allow yourself space to make mistakes and be human along the way. Say no, ask for help, and push the pause button when you need to.
  5. Celebrate the wins. As entrepreneurs, we often focus on the failures, the missed opportunities or the mess ups. We also LOVE to look ahead at what’s next.  Don’t focus on the negatives and don’t get so busy looking down the road ahead that you forget to celebrate your present wins. It’s important to recognize your successes, so celebrate those wins whether big or small!

I’m so proud to be a part of the mompreneur movement and hope to continue to share my story and inspire other moms in business. The journey can feel hard, but keep going and growing. Remember you are not alone - there are other boss moms on the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride with you.

Thank you again to Hip New Jersey, New Jersey Family, and Bloomingdale's for organizing. Let's do it again soon!


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