model behavior * alachua, florida teen photographer

i've been loving my teen sessions.  as a mom of three boys, they totally fill my girl fix.  i love the wardrobe wearing, hair styling, makeup applying parts.  the super model poses.  the story telling eyes.  but my favorite part is the sparkle that lingers after the camera is put away.  the feeling of confidence that comes over. meet megan and samm.  friends since fifth grade, they are now both juniors at santa fe high school in alachua. both active in color guard (which is part of the marching band - i had no idea).  both funny and sassy and clever and soulful.  and both so surprised that they could look pretty.  and yes of course, they looked soooooo pretty and at times, drop dead fierce.

enjoy your sneak peak pretty ladies....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra