mikifoto - spotlight on Blueprint Studios in Maplewood, NJ

I was thrilled when Blueprint Studio, a new creative outlet for children in Maplewood, NJ, asked me to photograph their Project Runway event. Ten teams of young fashionistas worked together to create an outfit with various materials. Amazing style was showcased with a fun fashion show at the end. The girls worked the runway! I loved the energy and creativity of owners, Maria Hartley and Lauren Zodel. Project Runway was such a success that I am positive their fall and summer classes will also offer an amazing experience. If you have a child interested in fashion or photography, you should definitely check them out. They actually invited me to teach a photography class this summer so I am super excited for the opportunity!

Here is more about Blueprint Studios (find them here on Facebook or callĀ 973-798-8BLU)....

What is BluePrint Studios? Blueprint is a creative studio for kids and teens focusing on Fashion Design and Photography. We are located at 432 Wyoming Ave in Maplewood, NJ (Open House coming in June). How did you come up with the idea? We have both worked in the fashion industry in New York for many years. Our belief is that the creative process starts at a very young age. We would like to take our experience and skills to inspire young designers in our community.

What is your hope for your business? We hope that the community embraces our concept and that kids have a place where they can embrace their inner style with confidence.

What is different about BluePrint Studios versus other kid centers? Blueprint's teaching philosphy is concept to creation. We are a studio focused on design, specializing in fashion and photography. Our belief is that all creative designers need a fundemental skill set to allow them to create to their own potential. Our fashion design teachers are from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and our photography teachers are all seasoned professionals. We are bring New York to the suburbs!

What is the biggest challenge? What is your favorite part? The biggest challenge is getting people to know we are here and what we do. Since we are just launching for summer 2013, our favorite part has been all the positive interest and excitement we are getting from parent and children in our community.

How has the transition from corporate to entrepreneur been? Its very exciting! We have become much more connected to our community and other entrepreneuers. There is a tremendous support system that makes you feel very good about opening a new business.

Thank you Blueprint Studio for being part of our Spotlight series. Good luck!

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