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Shed in Maplewood, New Jersey is a gem of a store.  Not only does it have a variety of unique and interesting treasures for the home and gift giving, but it is also a cozy place to visit.  You are greeted with a warm smile by owner, Cindy Potters and eye candy everywhere....leather ottomans to dazzling jewels to inspirational quotes on coasters.  A wondeful mix of modern and vintage.  Throw in some friendly conversation, make a new friend or two and you'll find you've been hanging out at Shed for longer then you expected.  Learn more about this eclectic store...

Tell me about your store. What do you sell? How long have you been in biz?

I opened Shed in May 2009 when the recession was full force and super scary. I had thought about doing it for a while and decided to just go for it. I had been writing for the Star Ledger home section for five years and this seemed like a natural next step. My father passed away the year before and left me a little money. I used that money to open Shed. I think he would have loved the store.The store is only 470 square feet. I like small quarters so feel comfortable and happy there. Products are a mix of home accessories, small furnishings, gifts and jewelry.

How is your store unique?

The atmosphere at Shed is light and upbeat. It's a fun store to find a great item, but also a nice place to hang out. People stop by with a cup of coffee and before you know it an hour has passed. I think that's what makes the store unique.

What do you love about what you do?

One of the things I like about owning Shed is that everyday is new. There is constantly fresh product hitting and new faces coming in. I like the constant change.

What are three things that everyone should have in their home?

Three things I think every home should have.... clean windows, lots of books and a cowhide rug (from Shed).

Check out Cindy's blog at www.shedhome.blogspot.com or better yet, swing by the store at 100 Baker Street.

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