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The Boutique Experience...shopping at a small store that has a beautiful and thoughtful selection of clothing AND has customer service that is friendly, attentive and warm. if you've been looking for this experience in town, you must visit Bungalow in downtown Millburn, NJ (63A Main Street). let's be honest, not every boutique makes you feel welcome to browse and touch and catch up on the current trends. but Eve at Bungalow is so sweet and so good at what she does. even her shop window is dressed so creatively. and her collection of clothes....never overwhelming to shop and you can always find something fun and unique. we talked more with Eve, the owner and new mom (who also grew up in my hometown - New City, NY). Describe your store. What do you sell? When did you start? Bungalow houses a tightly edited collection of contemporary clothing and accessories. It's a small cozy space but every nook is filled with merchandise, like yummy sweaters, silk tops & fun, colorful jewelry. It's like the fashion equivalent of a candy store! I opened in April, 2009, but I first knew I wanted to open a store when I was about 8 years old. When I started selling beaded bracelets out of my parents' garage my fate was sealed. What inspired you to open Bungalow? Fashion. And sharing my vision of what's "fashionable" with my customers. I used to dress stick thin models when I was a stylist, but now I dress real women and it's rewarding, something I never thought it would be possible to feel in the fashion industry. I'm not a sales person, never was, so it's not like I opened because I love retail. Bungalow is just an extension of my personal closet and passion for style, and luckily, the clothes sell themselves. What is your favorite part of being in the fashion industry? I love that it's always changing and evolving. It also gives women an opportunity to experiment with different sides of themselves and I'm loving being a part of helping them do that. What is unique about your store? We offer customers pieces they won't find at the mall. I was a fashion editor in my former career and I buy our collections through an editors eye, so I'm super picky with what goes on the sales floor. It also makes the shopping experience more personal because by now I really know my customers and what they want. How does being a new mom influence your business? For one, I'm thinking about bringing in baby/kids clothing. It's so whimsical and adorable! Once we launch our shopping website it's a definite possibility. What three items does every mom need in their wardrobe? 1. a great fitting pair of skinny jeans (body-type appropriate) 2. a piece of statement jewelry (it's huge now so there's no shortage out there) 3. a pair of killer heels (you gotta feel sexy sometimes!)

be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, March 21st. Bungalow is hosting a Girls Night Out spring style event from 6-10 PM. gift bags, treats, fashion...need i say more! hope to see you there.

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