mikifoto personal | on holiday at STS hotel in south beach, florida

my husband and i have never flown anywhere together without the kids.  we've gone for a weekend in new york city or i have flown somewhere for a photography workshop.  but never together, leaving our sons behind.  we decided after almost 13 years of marriage, it's time.  we planned a short trip to miami beach and met up with our closest friends who live in gainesville, florida. it was the perfect weekend.  not only was the sun warm and shining, but we were in a hot spot in south beach.  we stayed at the SLS hotel and it was AMAZING!  the food was delicious, the drinks were divine, the property was gorgeous and the energy was electric.  but the best part was meeting up with our long distance friends.  altho we hadn't seen each other for months, we picked up like we never skipped a beat. it was easy, natural and so fun. i am thankful to have these special people in my life who continue to make me laugh until my abs hurt.

after a long winter, this vacay was absolutely needed. and our boys didn't even miss us one bit.

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