mikifoto | momagama launch in maplewood, nj

40 women came together to celebrate the launch of momagama, an online community resource in the maplewood and millburn, new jersey area.  it was great to watch my friend and founder, nidhi tomar, share her vision about building a friendly place where moms can connect and ask/offer help. you can find information on so many topics from local family friendly restaurants to math tutors to vacation recommendations.  and the best part is membership is FREE. i am proud to be one of the contributing writers along with kerry cordero (image consultant), monica bungia (chef), anu mahadev (poet), rhonda panken (divorce lawyer) and more.  it really is a wonderful group of ladies.  nidhi shared more of her momagama journey with me.

Describe Momagama. What is it? When did you start? Momagama is a connection and destination site for moms living in South Orange, Maplewood and Millburn. I started the site on Jan 30th, 2013. What inspired you to launch Momagama? I found a need for content centric hyper local sites that focus on moms, their needs and a interface to connect them with other moms, businesses as well as resources. What is unique about your community? Why should Moms join? This is a community of moms that like to read, connect and socialize with other local moms. Moms should join to gain access to many resources, articles by local bloggers and businesses that focus on moms and kids and to meet other local moms. Momagamous moms like to have fun! How would you like to see this grow? I would like to see our membership and community grow. It would be great to have more active forums with interesting conversations, that are positive and engaging at the same time. What is your favorite part of this venture? What is the hardest? I love to meet interesting people and this site gives me great opportunity to do that. I love working for myself. The hardest part is managing time with 2 young kids. Can you share words of advice to other women on the brink of launching a new idea? Just do it! Find out more about Momagama and sign up here.  You'll be happy you did!

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