mikifoto | flying solo in short hills, nj

for what seemed like forever, my Shay would ask me to pick him up and put him on the swing. he was too little to get on on his own and not strong enough to gain momemtum. i would hear his yell, loud and demanding. and it didn't matter what i was in the middle - prepping dinner, a phone call or in front of my computer. i would have to push him again and again and again.

then all of a sudden, the asking stopped. he didn't seem to need me anymore. he could finally climb on to the seat, grab on, swing and shout, "look at me! i can do it all by myself!" the proud smile on his face was so adorable. it filled me with joy but also surprisingly with some sadness. each accomplishment, however big or small, are constant reminders that our children grow up. they slowly don't need our help as much. they become independent. they can even learn to fly! thankfully, he still calls for me (loudly) for other things he can't master yet.

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