mikifoto casting call * gainesville, florida teen photographer

one of my new years resolutions for mikifoto is to tap into the teen/senior market. my first love will always be children, but I am also want to grow my business in the older kid market for many reasons. for one, i love fashion! in my previous life, i worked in advertising on beauty campaigns for L'Oreal and Oil of Olay. i loved the clothing and styling and hair and makeup of those photo shoots. i still read hundreds of fashion and beauty magazines and catalogs. they are filled with ideas and inspiration. and with teens, you can have so much fun with clothes and accessories and overall style. i also think something magical happens with a teen in front of the camera. that age is so fragile and tumultuous and vulnerable. but when you can feel beautiful or attractive, a certain sparkle comes out that oozes confidence. during the session, i've witnessed so many teens that all of a sudden stand a bit straighter, hold their chins a big higher and have a new attitude. it's an amazing transformation!

that all said, i am looking for a few good teens! here are the details...

* must be in high school in the Gainesville area * must have written permission from your parents to participate * must be comfortable in front of the camera * must be open to being styled by me for the perfect outfit that matches your personality * must be available for an hour shoot somewhere around Gainesville.

it will be fun and spontaneous and fashion-oriented (all age appropriate for those concerned parents). not your usual boring high school portrait! and for those who are selected, the session will be FREE and i will gift you low resolution digital images (watermarked) for your Facebook accounts so you can share with all your friends. plus an 8x10 for mom and dad of your favorite image.

soooooooo...if you are interested or know someone who might be perfect for this, please contact me by email at mallika@mikifoto.com and send me a photo of your sweet self. feel free to call me too at 352.682.2533 for more info too.

and just so you can see what kind of photography i am thinking about. take a look.....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra