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Tasha Blasi - FU Project

I am excited to launch a new series called Miki Spotlight where I feature some of my photography clients and share more about their businesses. I work with so many interesting and dynamic women entrepreneurs that I wanted to spotlight their stories along with the images that were captured during their branding photo shoots. I hope this series inspires and introduces you to some new and interesting people.

Meet Tasha Blasi, a coach, confidante, course creator and BFF (best fertility friend) for women going through IVF. Her new venture the FU Project (Fertilitites Unite) was created to support families going through the IVF journey. She uses her experience and humor to help women go through IVF easier, cheaper, and smarter than she did. Her new course - The Patient to Patient Guide - will be launching this January 2017. 

What is the primary message you want to communicate with your audience?

I want to change the conversation of IVF from isolate shame, uncertainty and sadness to support, gratitude, confidence and hope.

Why do you do this work? Why is it so important?

I did IVF 10 times and want to share my knowledge, tips, and support to make it easier for those going throughout the difficult, sad, stressful process.

How do you work with your clients?

Weekly posts, downloadable course, and one to one BFF sessions (in person or virtual). I help people struggling with the uncertainty of the IVF process. They have not done it before or they have done IVF a few times and are looking for answers, advice or another strategy. I help empower them.

What do you deliver to your clients after working with you?

I deliver confidence! After working with me, they feel better knowing what to expect with the process. They can now make the right choices with any decisions needed. I help them feel like they can do this! I also hope they walk away feeling appreciation or gratitude for IVF (instead of being so angry that they have to do it). 

Describe your brand in 5 words.

Unfiltered, confident, compassionate, strong and funny. 

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I hope to have other projects under the Tasha Blasi Inc brand including one for pregnancy, having a newborn, raising a family and staying married. I would like to do some public speaking and turn my course into a book.

How can people reach you to learn more?

Visit my newly designed website www.tashiblasi.com or contact me by email at info@tashablasi.com.

I loved working with Tasha and admire her strength, determination and courage to share her IVF journey. She is so inspiring and so so funny! She is on her way to helping so many people. Please share her website, www.tashablasi.com if you know anyone who needs support during the IVF process.

If you are interested in branding photos of your own, I would love to help you tap into your story and share your message with confidence. Let's chat and see if any of my branding packages are a good fit for your business.