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I am excited to launch a new series called Miki Spotlight where I feature some of my photography clients and share more about their businesses. I work with so many interesting and dynamic women entrepreneurs that I wanted to spotlight their stories along with the images that were captured during their branding photo shoots. I hope this series inspires and introduces you to some new and interesting people.

Meet Christine and Iris of Ella Design Group, creative leaders in the residential and commercial design industry. This dynamic duo is a full-service Interior Design firm that combines artistry with science and project management. They help their clients execute and achieve their interior design dreams and goals. Inspired by their adventures and experiences across cities, countries and continents, Christine and Iris are true global tastemakers who enrich their clients' lives with spaces that bring their stories to life. 

How did you get started in the design industry? 

Christine: My love for architecture and design started as a child living in New York City.  From the stained glass windows and ornate floors in my local church to the stunningly wallpapered ceiling in a friend’s home, each beautiful exposure played a role in influencing my design aesthetic.  It was probably the foolhardy confidence gained during these early encounters that led me as a newlywed to confidently request the removal of a load bearing wall and the shift of a window in my new home.  The result was stunning and soon, I plunged myself into renovation projects that led to a beautiful, much appreciated home. 

Iris: My formal entry into the design community may be less than ten years young, but my entire life in retrospect appears to have been training me to emerge as a creative designer who excels at solving challenging design dilemmas. From my parent’s clothing store in small town Germany to a three-year-long apprenticeship as an optician learning to design and craft custom frames from raw materials for customers, the fabric of design was woven into my psyche. Frequent family moves with changing homes served as the perfect backdrop for me to choose color schemes, wallpaper, fabrics and details, or even employ my sewing skills. I parlayed these skills, including a love for quilting to create a stunning home for my husband and three children in suburban New Jersey, a continent away from where my early tastes and design aesthetics were developed.

Christine and Iris merged their respective design firms in 2015 under the umbrella of Ella Design Group.

What do you do different from your competitors?

We truly listen to and try to understand our clients' needs, whether they can verbalize them or not. We also analyze their needs and try to find the ideal solution for them within their budget as opposed to just being focused on up selling. We take the time to explain the pros and cons of the design options that exist, including the budge impact.

Obviously we do great designs, but most importantly you can trust us. We am to be our clients advocate, consultant strategist, support and muse.

In addition to residential and corporate design, we now also offer e-design where we deliver your story book design to your door in a beautiful box containing everything you need to make your vision a reality.

Describe your brand style in 5 words/adjectives.

Custom, classic, curated, one-of-a-kind, modern

How do you want your clients to feel after working with you?

Excited, happy they chose us, the outcome is better than they envisioned. We love seeing the excited look on a clients when the design comes together.

How can people reach you to learn more?

New client and general inquiries: info@elladesigngroup.com

Office Locations and Hours

New City, New York
Kearny, New Jersey
Hillsborough, New Jersey

Monday - Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Friday 9 am to 1 pm

Evenings and Saturdays by appointment only
Please call 845-634-2925

It is always a please to work and photograph fellow creative entrepreneurs. I fell in love with Christine and Iris's mission, their studio and their vibe as soon as we had our first phone consultation. It was so fun to have them both in front of my camera during our STAND OUT branding photography session. 

If you are interested in branding photos of your own, I am passionate about helping women entrepreneurs tap into their story and share their message with confidence. Let's chat and see if any of my branding packages are a good fit for your business.