Middle School Memories | NJ Tween Photographer

This is what I remember from my Middle School days :

Braces. Benetton. Bi-level hairstyle. Feeling awkward in my skin. Desperately trying to fit in. And feeling oh so thankful for girlfriends who saw past all of this and helped me feel a sense of belonging.

The pre-teen years are rough. Reports show that a girls confidence plummets during puberty. Campaigns like #likeagirl speak to this issue. We all want to build our girl's self esteem at a young age so that they can grow up feeling confident and equipped to make smart decisions. 

I believe in this too. This is one of the reasons why I am so fond of photographing tweens. My sweet spot are girls aged 10-12 (6th and 7th graders) because they are still young and playful yet open and ready to find their independent voice. They are on the brink of adulthood and in this day and age, it happens SO much sooner. I want to give them the gift of confidence. I want to show them how beautiful they are inside and out. I want to celebrate their friendships and show them that good friends are much more important then popularity or the newest app. 

And photography can do all of that and more....

My goal is to champion girls' confidence with memories that they will treasure forever. It's like putting something in your back pocket that you take with you everywhere, especially when the times are tough.  

There are so many occasions to gift your daughter this special photography session : acting head shots, double - digit birthday, graduation from elementary school, pre-camp celebration with friends or just because you have a great kid. Whatever it may be, photography will help HER see what YOU see in her. She will feel inspired and empowered.  

Find out more about my glitter girl photo packages here. I am NOW booking both solo and BFF sessions for Spring 2015.