Mikifoto 4-1-1 | NJ Photographer

Happy Monday!  January has been a busy month for mikifoto. A new wave of eyeballs has come my way and I am so grateful to connect with you all. Welcome to my online home and thanks for being here. For those who don't know me well yet...here is the mikifoto 411.

I just LOVE to meet new people and learn more about them. For me, it is all about telling and celebrating our stories. Once we share them with others, we build connections and then build relationships. What could be better then that?

Here are a few ways to join the mikifoto party if you haven't already done so:

  • Snag my free photo crib notes. This is my go-to list of photography resources, all laid out for you on one convenient sheet for you to reference. Find it here
  • Join me in the Instagram world of daily visuals. It is so much fun being part of everyone's photo narratives. See me here.
  • If you are a Facebook junkie like me, then find me here.
  • Find out more about my 2015 Stop Snap Celebrate photo challenge.  Women from all over the world are coming together to share the daily magic of their lives through photography. We share and inspire each other in a private FB page. Join us here.

So much sharing, so much connecting and so much fun! Thank you again for being part of the mikifoto community. Cheers!