mallika buah * gainesville, florida child photographer

that is what my nephews call me. buah means brother's sister in hindi. i feel so lucky to be the aunt of these extraordinary boys, deven and krishan. they are beautiful and silly and energetic and funny and just so dear to my heart. and when we visit each other, it is a true gift bec it doesn't happen too often. they live in new jersey and we are down in florida. so the time is precious and i want to make sure i get to know them. i mean really get to know them...their interests, loves, fears, quirks, favorites, everything!  so i bombard them with a 1000 questions and silly games and child's play.  and when they are in front of my camera, i want to make sure i can capture their essence.  not only as a good photographer but also as their loving buah.  here are my jersey boys - aren't they just gorgeous?!

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra