macarons + collaboration

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Things i love : sweet treats and fellow mompreneurs.

Those that know me, know that I am passionate about entrepreneurship.  I love when women, especially moms, take the leap to start a new business.  It is never easy and definitely a scary thing to do.  Not to mention, it is oh so difficult to balance both family and your business. But the benefits are huge as it gives you freedom and flexibility.  It allows you to be engaged, productive and creative.  Plus, teaches our children that we can be moms and much more.

When I was approached to collaborate with both Betty from My Friend Betty Says and Rita from Macaron Schmacaron, I of course said yes.  Betty is a mom of three boys and writes for a lifestyle blog on everything from education to fashion to parenting.  I love her friendly voice and her inspiring tips.  Rita is a local NJ Mom who is on the verge of starting her macaron business.  Her treats are just delicious and are now available to order.  Perfect for your next party.

If you have a business idea growing in your mind, I encourage you to move forward.  Find other women that also have big ideas.  Collaborate.  It is never to late to do something that you are passionate about. You never know what could come from it!

Enjoy the day,


Side note: For all you entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs in the Millburn/Short Hills NJ area, I lead a women's entrepreneurial networking group called BIG (Believe Inspire Grow) that meets monthly.  If you are interested in learning  more, please email me at