little blossoms * gainesville, florida family photographer

we chose the kanapaha botanical gardens for our location and the flowers were in bloom. it was a great day for the scarborough family photo shoot. i met lucy (4) and leland (2) for the first time and all was going well. all until little leland had a humpty dumpty fall. poor little thing bonked her head hard. but these sisters were resilient, fun-loving and strong. so with the help of some fruit snacks, we continued. the girls led the way thru the gardens, fast and furious. there were so many places to explore. and no time to sit still, especially for pictures. they were bundles of energy. and visions of beauty. i loved the natural setting and their colorful dresses. mom and dad were looking good too. such a likeable, easy going family.

so many lively images! here is their BIG sneak peak....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra