A Note for the Mamas | NJ Family Photographer

My fellow mamas! I know how much we crave those perfect family portraits with all of our children looking happy, getting along and dressed to perfection. Sometimes we want it so badly that we forget to enjoy the actual moment of connecting in front of the camera. But I am here to tell you and remind you that the real life stories that happen everyday with your children are golden. The moments of laughter, love, wonder, connection, energy, excitement are all amazing. Even those stressful times of fighting, tears, sadness and stress - those are meaningful stories too. This is the REAL stuff that will have us reminiscing and laughing in years time.

My philosophy is to let the kids be kids. Let the story unfold naturally. Enjoy this special family moment in front of the lens as best as you can (I realize it is not easy!). The secret to success is to be yourselves. Love on your babies, tickle them, dance along side them. Snuggle up to your husband. Bubble up with happiness as you watch your kiddos hold hands and play. Embrace the BEAUTY in the chaos! Don't worry about perfect poses and smiles. The best photos are those where you all are together and experiencing life as a family.

My family portrait session availability for 2016 is quite limited. My business has shifted to focus more on my business/branding photography so I only have a few spaces left for 2016. Right now I currently have ONE spot left in my October Mini Sessions and TWO spots left for my family packages in November. If you are looking to capture life in the fun lane and embrace the chaos, reach out to me. I would love to meet you and your family and show you how all life's moments are beautiful :)