life in the fast lane * gainesville, florida family photographer

when i was pregnant with akshay, fellow moms of three children would share their pearls of wisdom. i was told that life would always feel unbalanced. crazy. a whirlwind. there would never be enough time. not enough hands. older children would mature overnight. the new middle child would demand endless attention. i was advised to embrace the chaos. embrace the chaos? i didn't now what that meant. but now as i live this new lifestyle, i get it. life is busy and exhausting and divided. but if you look closer, it's also exciting and rewarding and loud and dynamic. you are kept on your toes. you are loved and needed by many. your life is full.

enter the bosshardts, another family with three lively kiddos. jack is in first grade and has a clever sense of humor. dark-haired cosette is stunning and spirited. and one year old rose is friendly and quick as a fox. all going in different directions. all with different personalities. all needing and wanting different things. but in between the chaos of the day, there were treasured a brother's kiss. a laugh-out-loud tickle. a mother's warm embrace. a ride on dad's shoulders. and these were the special times that i tried to capture of this lovely family of five.

here's a sneak peak of the bosshardt gallery photographed in haile village....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra