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everybody wants family pictures. but many of us hate to pose for them. mom and dad feel awkward. kids are restless. parents worry about uncooperative children. threats are sometimes issued. tears are shed. nobody is happy. and often that is what shows up in the images. so how do i avoid this and have a happy session for my clients? well, here are my rules for a family photo session....no rules! no strict posing. no "say cheese". let the kiddos take the lead and if they want to move, we move. because the reality is if the kids aren't happy, then no one is happy. and that doesn't make for good pictures.

i also like to see how families interact with each other and not give too much instruction. i call it more direction. i like to watch the relationships unfold. and usually the first round of shots are stiff bec it takes awhile to warm up to the camera and let go. and by the end, families are hugging and tickling and rolling and laughing and almost forgetting that i have a camera in my hands.

with these rules in mind, i photographed the fun-loving colburn family. the red-headed daughters, alison and kate, kept me on my toes. and we had plenty of places to play at the baughman center. and by the end, poor mom ended up on the bottom of a colburn family pile up (you're a good sport michelle!). here are some of my favorite images from the morning...

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra

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