letter to will * gainesville, florida newborn photographer

dear will -welcome to the world! we are so excited to meet your shiny little face. and i am thrilled to be able to photograph you as a precious newborn.

you are one lucky little man. your family, the van vorst family, is amazing. first, your mama is a beautiful lady inside and out. she is smart, loving and vivacious. she never stopped dancing even when she was days away from having you. and your dad is just as wonderful. super hands on. always ready to play. a true kid at heart. he will jump in any bounce house, big or small. and as big sisters go, you really won the lottery. both ava and livi are sassy and sweet. they will love you to pieces. and keep you laughing.

i am so happy to meet you! your family is near and dear to my heart. and you are the perfect addition.

love, mallika