The Truth About Your Headshot | NJ Business Photographer

Have you been on Linkedin lately?

I have been noticing a lot of headshots that honestly have my head spinning. Many photos are blurry and dark. Some pics are obviously selfies. And then a little bit of this...

  • Babies and dogs. I like cute faces too but I definitely don't want to see them in your professional business photo. Really not appropriate for a work related photo.
  • Artwork. I am a huge fan of creativity but I really don't think your headshot should be a sketch of you (for real!). Let's use real photos!
  • Empty heads. If you are showing up with nothing for your photo, then I am questioning if you are legit. Looks suspicious and/or lazy!
  • All about the location. I love a grassy field and a graffiti style backdrop, but your headshot is not the place for it. It should be clean and not distracting. I want to see your face up close and personal.

Now I could have taken some screen shots to show you these photo faux-pas but that's not my style :) Instead let me share what I think headshots should look like and what they should do for your business. 

Your headshot is your first impression. It's your way to communicate that you are a professional.

Your headshot is an opportunity for you to get noticed and connect with your audience and customers. 

Your headshot is a tool to share a quick taste of your personality, style and vibe. 

Your headshot is the gateway for someone to take the step to get to know you better. A good photo can be the encouragement a prospect needs to click on to your website or pick up the phone to book you. 

Don't take your headshot for granted and use a random photo that doesn't support your brand. Your headshot is so important and is literally the face of your business. If you're a realtor, coach, author, doctor, finance analyst, actor, photographer, event planner, teacher, baker, doesn't matter what field or industry or role you have, you need a headshot to introduce yourself as a professional. In today's online virtual world, a good photo is a necessity for business. It's just as important as your website, logo and business card. 

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