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Did you hear?? The April Brand Confidential Mentorship program is OPEN for enrollment, and spots are filling up FAST!

Look, I understand what it’s like to feel invisible in your industry — to put in the hours and still feel like no one is noticing.

There was a time in my own business when I offered a hodgepodge of services to a vast array of potential clients. As a photographer, I offered family portraits, teen sessions, head shot events, brand photography. Yup, I was trying to be everything to everyone! I felt like I was drowning in a sea of photographers and that I could never reach influencer status in the industry.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to focus on branding photography alone that I started seeing the power of a clear and focused brand. I discovered how to tailor my message to a specific audience and began experiencing success like I’d never seen before as a general photographer.

I began to work exclusively with women entrepreneurs as a branding photographer. As time went on, I started helping my clients with not only their visual photos, but also their branding strategy. Time after time, their businesses experienced incredible growth.


This is why I created Brand Confidential — to help other women entrepreneurs who feel stuck in a branding rut. Whether your brand is outdated, too general, or just feels like it is all over the place, this program is for YOU.

The time has come to stop spinning your wheels, bosses! You owe it to yourself to create a brand that is unique, beautiful, and that captures attention and turns heads.

Brand Confidential is a 10-week program that will lead you step-by-step through the process of becoming a branding superstar.

Wanna take a sneak peek into the weekly BC lesson vault AND snag one of these action-packed lessons FOR FREE? Read on!


Week 1 - Brand Brilliance

In week one, we’ll reveal the many layers of your character and image. Building a powerful brand begins with defining your strengths and igniting your passions, so we’ll discover the qualities that make you shine brighter than the rest.

Week 2 - Brand Ambition

In week two, we’ll craft the mission and vision statement for your brand. Having clarity around these items is the foundation of a personal brand that stands out. Now don’t worry — you won’t be left wondering how to actually create these. I give you step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank guidance and examples to help you create yours with ease.


Week 3 - Brand Following

In week three, we’ll get to know your ideal client VERY well so you can craft a brand that exists at the intersection of who you are and what they’ll best respond to. Discovering this power combo will have potential clients banging down the doors to work with you.

Week 4 - Secret Sauce

In week four, we’ll discover your special sauce — also known as your differentiator, your unique selling point or your competitive edge. I like to call this your Miki-Mojo. It’s the magic that makes you different from the competition. In today’s noisy and saturated world, you MUST find that special something — something to keep you top of mind.

Week 5 - Pitch Perfect

In week five, we’ll be crafting your elevator pitch and bio. The goal of an elevator pitch is to get attention, shows off your expertise, and make you feel confident. It should be professional but not boring. It should be catchy but not gimmicky. Having this in your back pocket will leave your audience curious and wanting to learn more.


Week 6 - Visual Vibe

In week six, it’s time to get visual. We’ll create your visual mood board — a tool that will be your road map to represent the look and feel of your business. It will help you keep your brand beautiful, sharp, and cohesive across all visual channels.

BONUS! Download Week 6 - Visual Vibe as a gift from yours truly! Tap into your creative genius side as you develop your visual branding board by linking your core story to visual images. In this lesson, you’ll take a peek at my personal mood board, discover your own brand’s visual components, and create a branding visual board.


Week 7 - Brand Snapshot

In week seven, we’re going to make sure all these pieces fit together to perfectly establish your brand identity. We need to make sure your message is strong, clear, and consistent because it will reinforce your credibility and help you stand out from the crowd. Your Brand Snapshot, which is my version of a brand book or brand bible, will help create a common understanding of your brand among everyone who works on or with it.

Week 8 - Photos that Tell, Then Sell

In week eight, we’re ready to dive fully into visual storytelling — a key element to rising above the noise. This week we’re going to dive deep into storytelling through photography and how it can help build your business and bring your brand to life.

"Week 9 - Photos that Tell, Then Sell - Part 2

In week nine, we’ll go into even more photostories (and how you can create and use them) to bring your brand to life online.


Week 10 - Let’s get visible

Finally, we’ll wrap things up by creating a content plan that’ll help you become top of mind with your audience. This week, I’m sharing a story bank of content prompts, a monthly plug-in calendar to get you going, and a system for keeping up the momentum long past the first month.

If you're struggling to tell your story and are finally ready to develop your own breakthrough brand, learn more about Brand Confidential HERE.

For 10 weeks, I’ll be your mentor and cheerleader, sharing the brand building lessons we’ve discussed above. Plus, you’ll be a part of our exclusive BC community where you can share frustrations and wins, ask questions, and experience growth.

I only accept 12 women into this program, so I can give each and every one loads of attention and guidance.

Still have questions? Read FAQs about the program, or if you’d like to talk with me directly, let’s set up a time to chat : bit.ly/bookwithmiki