Know, like & trust | NJ Business & Brand Photographer

Have you ever been to a party and talked to that guy? The guy who shares only one side of himself - his work side. He tells you all the details of what he does, who he manages, how much he makes. He goes on and on about his job. It's interesting stuff but after he moves on, you pretty much forget him.

Then you meet that other guy. The guy who tells you not only what he does but why he does it. He shares his journey - the wins, the fails, the mentors, the a-has. He recommends a book he is reading. He describes his favorite weekend hobby and inspires you to try it. He tells you his goals and dreams. He talks about his family and his quirky siblings. All while asking questions about you as well.

This guy shares layers of himself, his work and his life. He connects with you. He is relatable. He is memorable.

These two types of interactions happen in the online world all the time. We have the one dimensional conversation and the multi-dimensional conversation. I believe the multi-dimensional approach is what creates the know, like and trust factor.

We need to share our layers - our work, our passions, our journey, our why, our goals, our processes - to connect and humanize. This is how we build relationships. This is how we seem real and relatable. This is how we stand out.

And in the online world, when you only have a moment to connect, our faces and images serve as our introduction. People want to see YOU first. They will click on your website images and your About Me photo before they read your latest offering. Strong images will keep people curious and engaged. Show who you are and share your story visually. Create depth to your brand and to your work. This will help you rise above the noise and reach the right clients. 

I urge you to take a look at your website, your social media, your Facebook page, your Instagram scroll - are you sharing your story? Are you revealing your layers? Are you engaging in a multi-dimensional conversation?

The women featured in the images decided to share their story and their work through photography that is fresh, engaging and vibrant. If you are looking to build the know, like and trust factor and finally stand out, I would love to help you and tell you more about REVEAL, my branding photography program. Let's chat about your business!