June Goals | NJ Photographer

Outside of the holidays, I feel like June is the busiest time of the year. All of a sudden the weather becomes summer like and my calendar is overflowing with activities. This year my two older sons are "graduating" from elementary and middle school so we have lots of events planned to celebrate this milestone. Plus, it's baseball season so every other day of the week is a game or a practice or now a playoff. Then of course, there is my mikifoto business which is at it's peak with photo shoots and workshops. All good stuff and as my friend Holly put it...my life is FULL

It's so easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed during this hectic month. So I sat down this weekend to put together some goals to keep me on track. It's a swirl of personal and professional ideas and things to achieve. As a boss mom, it makes sense to mix it up because my life is all about balancing the two as best as possible.

Now writing this wish list helps motivate me to actually complete it and now sharing it with you makes me feel more accountable. I encourage you to try it and share it too! So here goes...


1) Create family summer bucket list. This is our FAVORITE way to kickstart summer.

2) Finish business books : Likeable Social Media and Louder Than Words.

3) Spend one on one time with each of my boys in some way even if only for a few minutes.

4) Eat together as an entire family around the table FIVE times.

5) Write 15 blog posts. I need to bulk write since I am taking the summer O F F ! (this blog post counts as #1)

6) Catch up and connect with girlfriends over lunch or coffee. 

7) Exercise four times a week even if just walking around the block.

8) See a movie with the fam-jam! Summer blockbuster time.

9) Start working with a business strategist. See who I am working with! Exciting changes coming to my brand this Fall.

10) Carve in self-care time three times this month. I have been more sick then usual this month and I think it is because I am running myself crazy. I need to book myself a massage and some downtime pronto.

Before the month slips through your fingers, make sure to spend a moment thinking about what you want to get out of your time. As busy moms, we are always going in every direction that sometimes we need a road map or a list or a post it of ideas. This way we have our eye on the prize and make room for the things that matter.

If you are open to sharing, I would love to hear a few things on your goal list for June. You never know who you might inspire! Happy goal setting!