is three the new two?

families with three children seem to be all the trend these days.  when i was growing up, it was always the family of four - 2 parents to match 2 kiddos.  but now more folks are taking the plunge by adding the third baby.  my husband and i are still on the fence.  our hands are quite full with two boys.  but we still wonder if we're missing something. after photographing the friendly deeter children, i now realize what is so special about a family of five. meet bailey, skylar and logan...ages 8, 6 and 4.  bailey is smart, athletic and well spoken - the model eldest child.  skylar completely disproves the middle child syndrome theory with her beauty, humor and playfulness.  then there is little logan - the youngest deeter with a BIG personality and bigger heart. put them all together and WOW!  loud loving play.  private jokes.  contagious laughter.  pure fun.  

here's a sneak peak of our session.  thanks for showing me how "3" can be the magic number :)