Introducing the #brandflatlay | NJ Business Branding Photographer

Have you heard of the flat lay image? It's widely popular right now (especially on Instagram) and used mostly in fashion. Basically, it's an arrangement of clothing and accessories on a flat surface and photographed from above. You will get the gist if you click here. 

I took this concept and applied it to business photography. I like to create for my clients and myself the brand flat lay. This is a creative arrangement of brand-related objects (think business cards, books, quotes, books, anything that represents your brand values) on a flat surface and photographed from a birds eye view. You are sharing an inside peek of what matters to you. This powerful image adds a layer of depth to your business, allowing you to connect better with your ideal customer. It is a must-have business photo to reveal your brand story. Perfect for Instagram and blogging.

How to create this?

  1. Find a neutral surface or plain background like white foam board or a wood floor. Avoid busy, noisy backgrounds that can distract. 
  2. Look for good light. Natural, clean daylight works best and can be found near windows or on a covered porch. Consider using a reflector to bounce the light and reduce shadows. 
  3. Curate your objects. Find things that tell your brand story. Play around with different arrangements and see what feels most cohesive in size, color, texture and balance. Beware of clutter and stick to a color palette (preferably your brand colors). Give your items room to breathe. Make it look pretty!
  4. Square format (especially for Instagram). Arrange your items in a square layout and shoot in square format on your iphone. This way you know everything fits. 
  5. Aerial view. Shoot with your phone from above. Keep steady hands and shoot a lot. Pick the best, sharpest shot.

BTS shot to show you my setup.

Use white foam board as a reflector to remove shadows. 

Have fun designing your own! Be creative. Try different arrangements. If you need some extra tips, check out this helpful article

And if you post on Instagram  - follow me here, tag me @mikifotonj and #brandflatlay. I can't wait to see what you come up with.