into the woods

what happens when you put four urbanites in the woods?  a hiking adventure.  i'm the first to admit that i'm not super outdoorsy.  i don't like to camp.  i prefer sticking to areas where a starbucks is around the corner.  i like places where my cell phone can get a signal.  but i do like nature and muir woods is full of it.  so we trekked up north for a family day in the green forest.  and it was beautiful.  redwoods as tall as skyscrapers.  babbling brooks.  colorful wild flowers.  post card worthy views.  and we LOVED it....even with the fleeting fear that we'd stumble into a bear or two.  here's some images from our muir woods hike....

vista view on the drive up to muir woods



a rare shot of me in front of the camera