Instagram is my JAM! | NJ Business Branding Photographer

I have a love affair with Instagram. There is so much eye - candy and inspiration at my finger tips that sometimes I feel like my head and heart will explode with joy. Sounds cheesy, but it really is a visual paradise. And I love that I can connect with my audience through photo stories and engage with them in real-time conversations. I can also meet like-minded fellow entrepreneurs and learn from them. All of this activity has really helped my business.

So if you are on the fence with Instagram and have not joined the Insta-party, I am here to encourage you to take the leap. You may feel that Facebook is the only social media platform that you need for business, but I would say that adding Instagram will add another layer of depth to your brand. Check out these five reasons to give Instagram a whirl :

1) There are 300 Million users on Instagram and 48% check daily with 28% checking more then once a day. The average user spends 21 minutes everyday. It's reported that there is 15 times more engagement on Instagram then Facebook. That is a lot of stats that confirm that Instagram is here to stay and a great place for connecting.

2) Visual content is king! Instagram provides a platform for you to share photos with your audience. You can now tell photo stories to connect better with prospects. Whether it's behind the scene images or product promotions, sharing these images help tell the story of your brand and show of your personality.

3) There is less noise. On Instagram, you view one image at a time. Unlike Facebook, there are no distracting visuals and links to take you off the platform. The only clickable link is in the bio profile so once you're scrolling through pics, you are pretty much staying.

4) Engagement! There are so many ways to connect with your audience on Instagram. You can ask them questions in your caption, respond to their comments, tag them in posts, like their feeds, repost their content. The options are endless and what all of this activity does is build communities. You are connecting on a very personal level. And this relationship is what turns prospects into clients.

5) It's so much fun! It really is. Maybe it's the short and sweet captions or the photo sharing or the emojis...whatever it is, it is an inspiring, creative and social place. But don't get me wrong, this party zone has impact. This platform can get you noticed, attract clients and grow your business.

So there you have it! Go ahead and download the Instagram app. Explore the new territory. Find some feeds to follow, like some pics. Maybe even comment. 

And if you need more help in using Instagram for business, stay connected with me because I plan to share more of my strategies, tips and tricks. Click HERE to learn more.