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I often hear from my fellow entrepreneurs that they feel frustrated about the saturated marketplace that they work in. There are so many (insert your specialty - coaches, designers, photographers, stylists) that it is challenging to stand out. Everyone is pushing their products and services that it's easy to feel lost. We try to be everywhere from our websites to Facebook to blogging to Periscope to's truly exhausting! And is anyone even listening anyway?

How do you go from invisible to impact?

1. Share your EXPERTISE. Offer meaningful and valuable content to your audience that positions you as a leader and an authority. Don't just sell, sell and sell. Offer news, trends, case studies, advice, shared experience. Answer questions in Facebook groups. Raise your hand in networking events. If it's good information, your people will start listening.

2. Show off your CLIENTS. Feature your client/customer/partner on your social platforms. Tell your audience who they are, what they do and what transformation you created. Include a testimonial. People like to see results and hear a before and after story. It's not always about you, but them. This builds trust.

3. Tell your STORY. You only have a few seconds to win someone's attention. You need a strong narrative and compelling photos. You need to reveal your passion and your personality behind your brand . Storytelling, stand-out photographs will help you get noticed in a crowded market. It will also be the first step in building a connection.

Images are critical in today's visual world. 

We all should have at least 3-5 professional photographs for marketing purposes : from your Linkedin profile pic, blogging posts, website home page & about me photos, press kits, etc. This is our FIRST impression.

I realize how daunting and nerve wracking the photography process can be. I have created several packages to meet your needs and offer a seamless experience. I have worked with over a hundred women in business to help them go from invisible to impact.  If you need help with a headshot or website photos, but don't know where to start, I can assist you.

Business & Branding Photo Packages

Coming up on April 29th is our Style & Focus photography event. We do this event only twice a year and it has been a huge success. Hair, makeup, personal styling, mini photo shoot and three digital photos is all included in the $399 price. PLUS, you get to borrow dresses from the boutique, Dressed by Lori, in Millburn so you have the perfect outfit to tell your story. If you are a coach, blogger, author, speaker or creative professional, this is a great photo opportunity. We keep the event exclusive so only six spots are offered. Click HERE for more details and to sign up.

Past Style & Focus Clients

Past Style & Focus Clients

What do you think?

What has been the most successful tactic in standing out from the crowd? Do you agree that images are important for building brand confidence? Let me know your thoughts!