How to Get Clients to Rave About, Recommend and Share Your Brand.


When you need to hire someone, whether it’s a babysitter, a dog walker, or a business coach, what is the first thing you do? If you’re like the majority of the population, your search begins by asking people you know and trust for recommendations.

Nothing builds trust in a person, brand or product like a trusted endorsement. If a company or brand has produced results for a friend or colleague, they’re probably going to be at the top of your list when you need to purchase a similar product or service.

This is an important fact to remember when we set out to build our own clientele.

Many of our industries are saturated. It’s hard to stand out in the midst of a competitive crowd. As we strive to build a brand that is clear and cohesive, don’t forget the important element of TESTIMONIALS.


A testimonial is your customer's honest review of your product or service. It can be a powerful brand component that screams credibility to your audience.

More than just reading a sales page or watching a promo video, a testimonial from an actual customer gives your audience an inside point of view. It shows them specific results that a real person experienced after using your product or services. It drives home your value and worth more than a generic sales pitch ever could. Sharing positive client experiences will build your business and help you achieve greater success.


So how do I obtain these amazing, business-boosting testimonials from my clients?

The answer is simple: ask.

Clients, for the most past, are excited to share their results and feedback. Most will feel honored that you consider them a success story and will gladly sing your praises, especially if you make the process easy for them.


When should I ask for a testimonial?

Requesting a testimonial is something that should be added into your workflow so it becomes automatic with every client. I like to ask in the middle of the working relationship and then again at the end of our time together. Sometimes I even follow up a few months after the job is complete because that’s when the biggest results and transformation can be measured.


How to ask for a testimonial?

The best way to get responses is to make it simple. When I ask my photography clients for reviews, I provide 5 questions to use as a guideline:

1) What problem were you experiencing before you hired me?

2) What stood out that was different about my services/process. Why did you choose to work with me?

3) How do you feel now about your biz/brand after working together?

4) What are some of the results or successes that you’re now experiencing after receiving your brand images?

5) What is the main reason you would recommend me to others?

When reaching out with these questions, don't forget to ask for a photo, too! The combo of a testimonial and a headshot is a major attention-grabber.

Side note: be sure to get the proper permission before blasting someone’s testimonial all over the internet. A simple, “May I share your thoughts and image on my social media channels and website?” will do!


What do I do with the testimonials once I have them?

Share the heck out of them! Sprinkle them throughout your website or create a page just for sharing client love. Put them on sales pages, in your newsletter and in blog posts. Share them across all of your social media channels. Share them everywhere, then sit back and see how they give your brand more credibility (which will in turn bring more quality leads knocking at your door!).


It’s no doubt that testimonials can give your brand the boost it needs to bring in more clients. A testimonial shows potential clients that what you’re selling works. When those who’ve experienced results while working with you vouch for you, your credibility will skyrocket.

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