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Who wants to finish 2018 like the rock star you know you are? I know I do!

No entrepreneur wants their business to experience the seasonal slump, but when the weather turns chilly and the calendar fills up with all the holiday-related things, it’s easy to lose focus. If we’re not purposeful about reaching our end-of-the-year goals, our businesses can suffer from lack of attention.

And, hey, who can blame us? We’ve killed it all year long and deserve a little time to enjoy the season. But those big things that are still on your 2018 list? Oh how you want to see them realized this year! The struggle is real, my friend.

What if I told you there was a way to have your cake (or pumpkin pie, or Halloween candy) and eat it too?

That’s right! Today, I’m sharing with you my four tips to keep focused and working to accomplish the big goals on your 2018 list while still being able to enjoy the season.


1) Choose TWO things. Take that mile long to do list and circle the TWO THINGS that will grow your business most. I’m talking revenue generating goals. I’m talking brand awareness goals. I’m talking relationship building goals. Those are the two things I want you to push hard during this last quarter. We can’t do everything (or at least we can’t do everything well) so forcing yourself to decide what tasks will take priority this fall is a great way to really evaluate your business goals and think about what items are going to give you the maximum benefit for the time you invest in them.

2) Take those 2 goals and get specific. Don’t just say, “I want to get more clients.” Instead, say “I’d like to book 3 new clients by December 1st”. Give yourself a deadline and make the goals quantifiable.

*Now, side note to the dreamers out there: you need to make sure these goals are actually attainable. I’m not suggesting you make easy, no-risk goals, but if you’re the type to ALWAYS set massive goals that would take a Christmas miracle to actually accomplish (you know who you are), don’t set yourself up for failure this time. Yes, push yourself. Yes, set goals that will stretch you. But please, add a little realism into the mix when you are nailing down the specifics.


3) Declare these goals out loud. This is where it gets real. Make yourself accountable to your end-of-the-year goals by sharing them with peers, your family, on social media, even on a huge post it note in your office! If no one knows about your aspirations, it will be easier to slack on the tasks that are required to make these goals happens. But when you have encouragers peeking over your shoulder and cheering you along? Yeah, you’re much more likely to get with the program and see your goals realized.

4) Brain dump all of the steps that need to be taken to see these goals accomplished. Think through each step along the way and any challenges you may face. Get all of those ideas out of your head and put them down on paper in an organized manner. Really give yourself time to do this step well, because this will be the road map and action plan that you’ll follow for the next several weeks. While you may have to make some adjustments as you move through the plan, it is still essential to have a plan and to be able to measure where you are in the steps.


These four simple action steps always help me gain focus and clarity. They’re the steps I use to help me move out of “stuck” and into momentum in my own business, and I hope they can help your business get the most out of these final months of 2018 while still allowing you time with your loved ones.

Do you have a system that helps you finish the calendar year strong? Share your tips with our readers in the comments!

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