How to Create Your Vision Board? | NJ Business Mentor

Join me for my upcoming  Dream Bigger Workshop

Join me for my upcoming Dream Bigger Workshop

It's that time of year when everyone is talking about Vision Boards. Oprah is doing it. Ellen is doing it. Even the Kardashians. So what is all the fuss? And how do it anyways? Do you just sit down and start looking for images?

Yes and no. From my experience there is an effective way to create vision boards that is both creative but action oriented. Because we can't only be dreamers, we need to also be DOERS.

Here are 7 steps on how I guide my workshop attendees to create their own personal vision board:

1) Find a clean space (pref with lots of natural light) where you can work. Turn off all distractions and allow yourself time. Give your thoughts and dreams the attention they deserve. 

2) Grab your poster board (I like 20x24 - you can find them at Staples or Walgreens) and do some brain dumping on one side. Ask yourself these questions. What do you want MORE of? What do you want LESS of? How do you want to FEEL in 2017? What are the roles/titles/projects that you dream of? Don't think too much or question yourself. Freely write for 15 minutes.

3) Turn over the poster board. Grab those mags and start tear sheeting images that resonate with you, that grab your attention, that make you feel something. They could be colors, words, expressions, scenes - it doesn't matter! Just start making a pile. Give yourself a good hour to do this. And don't think too much.

4) Grab a scissor and glue stick and start designing. Trim the images or words. Glue them on the poster board. Many get stuck here bec they want it too look perfect. I encourage you to find your "preschool" self and just have fun with the creative process. Cut, glue and paste wherever you FEEL it should go. There is no right or wrong way. Somehow, someway - the images and graphics all come together in a way that is truly meant for you. Give yourself an hour to put it together.

5) Take a step back and review. See what dreams have unfolded on to paper. Reflect and rejoice! This is your "treasure map" for 2017.

6) Before you hang it up, go back to the side of the board with all your words/thoughts...write out 3 action steps for the one important goal that you see on the front. Do you need to contact someone? Do you need to create content? Do you need to schedule time on your calendar to plan this goal? Big or small - you need to take action to get the ball rolling.

7) Hang that masterpiece up in a place where you can see it everyday. Let it inspire you!

Bonus : Declare this goal out loud to a friend or community you trust to keep you accountable. When we share our goals, we are more likely to achieve them!

This is a brief overview of the process that I lead in my live workshops. The one thing that makes the biggest impact is the LIVE component and the connecting, sharing and encouragement that happens face to face. That magic can't be replicated when you are creating your board alone.

If you are interested in joining my upcoming Dream Bigger workshop on January 27th in Short Hills, we have a fabulous group of women who are ready to get inspired together. I bring all the materials plus breakfast and swag :) You just have to bring your dreams! Join us HERE. 

I'd love to have you and hear your BIG DREAMS!