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If you’ve been on the fence when it comes to brand photography, seeing the difference it’s made for other entrepreneurs can give you a clearer picture of what brand photos can do for your own business. 

It's proven that branded images will get more eyeballs on your content — if you’re intentional in sharing your story with strategic visuals, and you find a way to express to your audience how you’re different from the rest of your market, you’re on the path to success! 

Today, I’m sharing two real-life success stories I’ve seen happen in my own clients’ businesses.

Meet two women who took the leap and made the investment in branded visuals, learn how they implemented their visuals in their marketing, and see how those visuals helped foster long-term growth for their biz. 


Ally Nathaniel is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, and mentor. Ally sold over 40,000 copies of her first book and topped Amazon for 16 weeks straight. She was even invited by Amazon to be a panelist and lead their social media campaign “Lunch with Authors.” She delivers high-impact motivational and transformational techniques to help authors get to the finish line and make an impact.

I asked Ally to share about the impact having a library of ready-to-use, customized brand visuals has had on her business.


When did you know it was time to invest in brand photography?

Ally: I needed to redo my website and knew it must contain great pictures that reflected my business and captured my personality. I also use social media for marketing purposes, and using stock images was not enough anymore.

What was going on in your business that you knew you had to make the investment? 

Ally: At that time my website was SO DATED, I didn't feel comfortable sending people there anymore. My business was expanding, and I knew I needed to invest in brand photography so people would get a feeling of who I really am. I'm a very visual person and believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.


What’s happened to your brand/biz now that you have branded visuals? 

Ally: I’ve received tons of media attention. I was featured on a women's magazine cover. That would have never happened without great pictures. The magazine needed six professional photos, and I was able to provide them easily. I was also featured, twice, on Thrive global (by Arianna Huffington), Authority Magazine and BuzzFeed. Thanks to my new beautiful website, I get invitations to speak at events such as The Pennsylvania Women's Conference and the Non-Fiction Authors Association. Most importantly, I’m proud and confident to send people to my website. This is, on its own, the  greatest marketing value I received from my brand photoshoot.


Is becoming a published author a dream you just can’t shake? Ally continues to share her story and help spiritual women create change and become leaders in their field by walking them through the process of publishing a book. She’s the go-to expert and coach on how to get your book done in five months or less. Learn more about how you can work with Ally by visiting


Next, meet Dr. Sharon Somekh of Raiseology. Dr. Sharon is a pediatrician who works with overwhelmed moms to transform their approach with their children and build a lasting relationship of love, trust, and respect. Through her Loving Authority Method, moms learn how to combine unconditional love and undeniable authority in their parenting so they can remain calm in the face of challenges and have children they can be truly proud of.  

Dr. Sharon reached out to MikiFoto + Co to capture the calming essence she brings to the families she serves in a series of storytelling photographs. Her brand images needed to capture her authority in a professional, yet approachable way.


When did you know it was time to invest in brand photography? 

Dr. Sharon: I first learned about brand photography after hearing Mallika speak in a training I participated in. I was early in my business, but I wanted to make sure I started off on the right path from the beginning. I knew my best options for clients to get to know me and what I’m all about was through engaging photography. Especially given that my business is almost entirely online, my brand photos are one of the most important representations of me and my business. 

What was going on in your business that you knew you had to make the investment? 

Dr. Sharon: I recognized that having professional photos to tell my story and the story my clients are trying to create for themselves would increase my own confidence in my website and social media postings. 


What has happened to your brand/biz since investing in branded visuals?

Dr. Sharon: The decision to invest in brand photography ended up being about so much more than the photos. The images are simply a great souvenir I am able to use over and over again in different ways. 

As I went through the process to prepare for my photo shoot, I was able to gain clarity on my mission, my purpose, my ideal clients, and what I wanted them to learn about me and my business. The shoot itself gave me newfound confidence in myself as the face of my business. Having the branded visuals gives me inspiration for social media posts and allows me to feel pride in my brand. 


Are you looking to foster independence and resilience in your children? Visit to learn more about how Dr. Sharon Somekh can set your family up for success, or email her privately at with specific questions. 


No matter your niche, thoughtful and purposeful images like Ally Nathanial and Dr. Sharon Somekh’s will help you establish yourself as a professional and stand out as a leader in your market.

Ready to create a powerful visual brand for YOUR biz? 

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